Registration for CFG 2019-20

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“What an amazing, and fulfilling’s the inspiration that allows us to do the hard work and to have the courage to push hard to help people realize their infinite potential in helping all kids learn.” - CFG Participant

What is a Critical Feedback Group Experience?

A Critical Feedback Group is a community of diverse and courageous educators who are committed to leading for equity. Participants collaboratively reflect on their leadership practice and provide one another essential feedback on pressing professional dilemmas. The Critical Feedback Group enables the professional and personal growth needed to courageously lead for equity in your school community.

The Learning Leader Network (LLN) is a professional development program that engages Rhode Island teacher, school and district leaders in learning communities that exchange constructive feedback and best practices to increase educational equity for all students.

Who Should Participate?

  • School Leaders

  • Teacher Leaders

  • District Leaders

  • Teams or Individuals

Learn to:

  • Examine your deeply held beliefs, assumptions, and biases to unleash your potential as a leader for equity.

  • Give and receive the critical feedback that will elevate your and others’ practice.

  • Facilitate groups that learn from student work, data, and professional dilemmas.

Session Dates*: 9/25/19, 1/28/20, 4/8/20

Location: The Met, Equality BuIlding, Providence, RI

*The other 4 dates are determined by coaches at different times and locations*


  • Full Price: $275

  • Price with Early Bird Discount: $225

  • Group Discount (groups of 3 or more): $ 175 per person

  • Price as First year PRN Graduate: $125

  • Price as Current PRN Mentor: $125

  • Principal/School Leader & teacher leader buddy pair: $350

Early Bird Discount Deadline: September 15th

Application Deadline: September 24th

A RI School Leader Reflects on the Value of the Critical Feedback Group

"CFG has given me the tools to form a collaborative adult culture in my school.  I feel confident addressing my staff when we stray from our mission, vision, and norms.  CFG has also given me the space to collaboratively problem solve school based challenges in a productive and confidential space.  Thanks to the diverse attendants, the probing questions or solutions I consider...strengthen the action steps I take at my school.  I will be back to CFG again next year."   

-CFG Participant and RI School Principal