Learning Leader Network (LLN)


The Learning Leader Network is the leadership development and continuous improvement arm of Center for Leadership and Educational Equity. Through robust and constructive learning communities partners learn the skills, dispositions and knowledge needed to lead for equitable outcomes in order to liberate students to lead their own learning. View our equity statement to see what CLEE means by “equity”.

Customization Promise

At CLEE we believe that customizable and personalized support isn’t “extra”, it’s at the heart of what we do. We believe equity starts with giving individuals what they need to grow and transform. Our services reflect that belief. Our partners can trust that all of our programming designs will be customized to reflect and serve the unique needs of their teams and, most importantly, their students.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Barbara Mullen, LLN Director at barbaramullen@clee-ri.org


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Diagnostic Services to Set Direction

Tools and processes to plan strategic steps to move from the current reality to the vision.

  • Learning Community Survey

  • Strategic Planning to Advance Educational Equity

  • Data Support Services and Systems Audit

Leadership Development to Build Capacity

Institutes and Workshops that build capacity of educators to facilitate a collaborative learning culture to accelerate equity in student outcomes.

  • Institute to Advance Equity: Foundations in Facilitative Leadership

  • Institute to Advance Equity: Facilitating Collaborative Cycles of Inquiry

  • Institute to Advance Equity: Foundations in Facilitative Leadership with Student Leadership

Leadership Development to Sustain Momentum

Communities of Practice that collaboratively monitor progress, learn to improve, and sustain momentum toward their vision.

  • School/District Critical Feedback Group to Advance Educational Equity

  • Instructional Rounds to Advance Educational Equity

  • Executive and Team Leadership Coaching to Advance Educational Equity