Principal Residency Network (PRN)



The PRN is a residency-based building administrator certification program approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education. For close to 20 years, the PRN has trained Rhode Island leaders through an intensive residency-based building administrator preparation program. The mission of the PRN is to prepare aspiring leaders through a residency-based preparation route to certification to champion educational equity through leadership of innovative schools for the purpose of improving student achievement. We believe:

  • School leaders have a great influence on educational experiences to ensure equitable outcomes for all students,

  • Effective leadership development is the key to ensuring school leaders are prepared to implement the changes needed to achieve educational equity,

  • Due to the complicated nature of school leadership, effective leadership development requires the use of research-based practices that are constructivist, learner-centered, and engage aspiring principals in a community of practice, and therefore,

  • The best learning takes place at the school site and within a small community that integrates academic and applied learning. Learning on site requires a tight structure, clear and high expectations (Leadership Standards), constant reflection, communication, and feedback.


The PRN is a principal preparation program approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education. For nearly 20 years, we have graduated approximately 200 aspiring principals who have either trained or been hired in 39 different RI districts and charter schools. The placement rate for PRN graduates in leadership positions is approximately 93%.


The PRN is a residency-based building administrator certification program with a research-based design.  

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The PRN has three pathways:

  • Classic: 1 year pathway

  • Leader of Record: 2 year pathway

  • Extended Time: 2 year pathway

To learn more about the pathways and admissions process, click here.
The PRN accepts pairs of qualified aspiring principals and mentor principals to engage in an intensive residency-based program. Aspiring principals serve in their schools and are awarded administrative certification upon successful completion of the program.

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